Our Implementation heroes

At KLB Group, as implementation specialist, we love great implementation stories that combine several ingredients such as:

- a visionary idea,

- strong human qualities as pratical intelligence, determination, adaptability, resilience, 

- a great team spirit,

- extraordinary acheviements

We chose 4 beautiful projects - Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, Itaipu dam construction, Amundsen expedition to the Pole, Hydroptère attempt to beat the transpacific crossing world record -  related to our entrepreneurial culture and values: Performance, Pragmatism, Responsibility. 

Neil Amstrong and Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 mission to the Moon - 15 billion man-hours of preparation and suddenly you can't land...

Itaipu dam project team implementation legend: when building the planet’s most powerful hydro-electric plant, surprises don’t come in small sizes.

Roal Amundsen expedition to the North Pole: when the competition gets there first, how you redeploy is everything

KLB Group alongside Hydroptère to beat the transpacific crossing speed record!


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